Doing It Wrong .

Chris, his fiance Lauren, and their 2 beautiful children have the poster life. Chris is the best lawyer in his firm, at the top lawfirm in Atlanta. Lauren is hairstylist who works from home. Their lives are vigorous and exuberant, until one day Chris is stuck with a case that can put his whole family's lives at stake.

I miss this :’(

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yes - > 

my other fanfics - > &&

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me too :(

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I am. I thank you all for being patient too! I’m tryinggggg for tonight, no promises.

Anonymous sent: U are so talented at wrinting ! All of the chapter are amazing !! :) can't wait for the next one 

Thank you so much :) time hasn’t been on my side, but I’ll be updating this & hood luv soon !

admirehermind sent: I was getting ready to say things are a little too happy happy joy joy for this title until Maria started acting the way she did at the zoo. How rude and disrespectful. Clearly that man was there with his family and she's over there tryna flex. Shame on her.

She is a lil rude sneaky hoe !

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I’ll be writing later if I don’t decide to do my hair .


I think y’all all need to chill. I’m not here for Kae or Rihanna when it comes to Chris, I’m here for him & his happiness. I’ve been where he was, Kae was, and Rih was once before so I have no room to judge like the rest of you don’t. Let that man live and love damn. I already knew he and Rih would rekindle whatever flame again, true love never dies. There’s no I used to love, it’s either you still do or never truly did. WHOEVER Chris is with and as long as he’s happy, I’m happy. I’m HIS fan, I support HIM! Some of you “fans” need to ask yourself if you’re a fan of Chris Brown in his entirety, Chris Brown the person, Chris Brown the artist, or the drama that comes with him, because I swear some of y’all are just here for the drama. So get off his back & stop judging when you have no reason or room to do so!





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I’ll cry.